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About us...


Full Tilt is founded on the combined experience of director/choreographers Rowan Fae & Dela Seward.

Our aim is to nurture the intersection between circus, dance & theatre.

We focus on collaborative & interdisciplinary projects and have a special interest in the use of technology in live performance.

We believe that in order to create emotionally impactful experiences for audiences within the digital landscapes of 21C culture - makers like us must harness the power of new technologies within their work!

We seek to navigate the limitations of digital realms in regards to the direct sensual involvement of the interactive participant. We aim to create impactful, Immersive and transformative experiences for our audiences.

We are a 100% female led organisation and support the promotion and empowerment of women  into technology and  leadership roles.

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Rowan Fae - Producer and Artistic Director

Rowan is a long-standing contributor to the UK’s grass-roots contemporary circus & immersive theatre scene bringing many years of experience creating large-scale, cutting edge, site specific work in unusual and 'found' spaces. Highlights include; Live show Designer / Director for Celluloid Sail by Compass Presents 2017 - immersive circus, theatre and cinema production touring on 'The Kaskelot' one of the largest wooden tall ships in commision in the UK. Director for Canopy of Stars by Whispering Woodfolk - a promenade woodland experience. 2017 UK Touring. Co-producer / Director of Arcadia Spectaculars first Immersive 360 degree performances on 'the spider' in 2009 for Glastonbury Festival debut in 2010. Co-producer / Director for the Bristol cult Carnyville events 2009-2010.


Rowan has extensive knowledge in special effects flying and performance rigging and has designed flying systems for ‘Cirque Du Freq’, ‘Celluloid Sail’, ‘Trash City’ @ LndnRoundhouse, Arcadia Spectacular's ‘Landing Show’, Full Tilt Aerial, ‘Carnyville’, Bassline Circus, BoomTown Festival and Vertigo Rigging (TR). Rowan has a broad understanding of the practicalities of any production from concept to realization. Tailoring her skills to events with ease and artistic intelligence.

Dela Seward - Director and Choreographer

Dela Seward is a performer, choreographer and director of large scale spectaculars, site specific performances and immersive theatre. After graduating with a first class BA Honors degree from The National Centre for Circus Arts,  she spent subsequent years touring and performing with a vivid spectrum of productions including the Take That Progress Tour of 2011 and the London Olympics of 2012.


Dela plays a key role at the heart of the team of immersive event producers Arcadia Spectacular:  Developing new ideas, new systems, new perspectives, new creative elements and new technical evolutions within the challenging environment of cranes, special effects, sculpture, flames and a 360 degree arena.  Dela choreographed the TPI Award Winning Arcadia Landing Show in 2014 as well as Arcadia’s Metamorphosis show in 2015 where she took on the role of Assistant Director. She also was aerial choreographer for ‘British Eccentricity’ by Crying out Loud at Cirque Jules Verne 2015.

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