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Dela Seward
Dela Seward & Rowan Fae, Carnyville, Invisible Circus, Full Tilt Aerial, Vertical Dance

Dela Seward is a performer, choreographer and director of large scale spectaculars, site specific performances and immersive theatre.


After graduating with a first class BA Honours degree from The National Centre for Circus Arts, she spent the subsequent years touring and performing with a vivid spectrum of productions including the Take That Progress Tour of 2011 and the London Olympics of 2012.


Dela plays a key role at the heart of the team of large-scale immersive event producers Arcadia Spectacular. Developing new ideas, new systems, new perspectives, new creative elements and new technical evolutions within the challenging environment of cranes, special effects, sculpture, flames and a 360 degree arena.  Dela’s choreography weaves organic motion into the architecture of the 50 tonne spider, creating harmony between the human form and Arcadia’s mechanical landscapes.


Thriving on new challenges, Dela’s intuitive eye for space, motion and the human form drove a natural evolution from performer to choreographer and then onto director as her professionalism, creativity and instinctive team building flourished.


Dela choreographed the TPI Award Winning Arcadia Landing Show in 2014 as well as Arcadia’s Metamorphosis show in 2015 where she took on the role of Assistant Director. She also recently directed ‘British Eccentricity’ by the Invisible Circus at France’s Cirque Jules Verne, Dela is currently regularly choreographing for The Invisible Circus and Arcadia spectacular.

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