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Vertical Dance | at Wired Liverpool

Full Tilt Aerial had a week long residency at the Wired Aerial Theatre creation space in Liverpool.

Wired aerial theatre are a leading Aerial Dance company, who work primarily in vertical dance and bungee assisted aerial dance techniques. They have an amazing training space with a perfect aerial wall! The wall is made of a kind of taught canvas, It is both resistant to spring off from and giving to land on. This allows for a little less caution while experimenting and trying out new things.

Our residency was subsidised as part of a brilliant emerging artists which saw young groups or companies use the space for residencies when available. With a small mezzanine residence in the facility, we spent our days and nights in a bubble of Vertical Dance fun!

During the week we created content and Ideas for a piece of Aerial Street Theatre to be performed on a bespoke set at one of the most mind-blowing events in the annual calendar - The legendary Boomtown Fair. Wired Aerial Theatre gave us heaps of support in the space including some critical mentoring from their artistic director Wendy Hesketh, as well as advise on the technical aspects of our show, all of which was both very helpful and much appreciated.

The event itself went well and was of course heaps of fun, perhaps to much - as we are sadly lacking in evidence!

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