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Flow | Aerial Dance Project

I had the pleasure of working with my good friend and long time dance partner Dr Jess Allen on a site specific project in Eastville. The event took place in an interesting location; underneath the M32 motorway and next to the river Frome.

'Multi story Water' was an interactive project involving local people in a creative conversation about the river and our relationship with it – using storytelling, games, site based performance, and walking tours.

A series of weekend events took place in and around the M32 Motorway during September 2012, these events culminated in a Site -Based performance extravaganza.

The audience were led in promenade style from the Eastville roundabout underneath the roaring motorway and to where the underpass meets the River Frome. Along the way they watched 9 site specific performances from local community groups that had been created on site using narrative drawn from true stories, gathered from local residents.

The River Frome has many stories to tell. As it flows through Eastville, it runs past homes and businesses, a school, under the motorway, and finally through sluice gates – where it disappears underground on its way to the city centre. The river connects different parts of the community, but do you feel connected to it?

Full Tilt produced a site based piece of aerial dance for the project. We worked closely with a group of young local aerial student, sharing new skills in harness based aerial dance. We also devised a 20 minute vertical performance for the supporting pillars that hold up the M32 overpass!

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