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Vertical Dance Masterclass

Vertical Dance masterclass with Dela Seward & Rowan Fae This class is open to all levels of dance & circus artists - all participants need is a basic level of physical fitness. We can facilitate both beginners and intermediate standards as we can splinter the workshops for parts of the sessions where required. We will start the day with a contemporary class and then you’ll be introduced to Vertical Dance equipment and foundations followed by a two hour technique class learning repertoire from our recent production Substratum and looking in detail at some acrobatic movements on the wall. Later in a creative class we will look at ways to play and experiment with your newly discovered repertoire, exploring together what the vertical plane offers choreographically and sharing improvisational techniques for making new work. We have a warm, clean space with multiple aerial points for vertical dance and there is a café! Saturday 3rd February 2018

Scotch horn Leisure Centre

Brockway, Nailsea, BS48 1BZ 11:30 - 6:00pm £55 for the day. £45 student/low income

Working in a harness over several hours can be enduring, wear multiple layers, eg leotard, legging & tights for protection. Bring flat, clean, comfortable trainers, a climbing harness and a gri-gri if you have one, don’t be put off if not – as we have a number of spares. Places are limited, please contact us for any information and to reserve yours; Email:

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